Some facts about Nick Jonas- Priyanka chopra’s fiance

Born In The USA
Nick Jonas was born in Texas, USA on September 16, 1992, and he plays in a pop band named – The Jonas Brothers along with his two brothers Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas.

Young But Talented
At the young age of 8, Nick Jonas already started performing at the Broadway and was pretty well known to the people who were attending it.

His First Christmas Song Got Him Success
During his work at the Broadway, Nick Jonas wrote a Christmas song with his father and the song was so good that Columbia Records signed him to their label right away in 2004. That was his first step to success!

The Jonas Brothers United
Stunned by Nick Jonas’ singing talent, his brothers Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas joined him in writing lyrics to a few songs and thus, The Jonas Brothers band was officially formed.

Guitar Hero
Nick Jonas is an extremely talented singer and guitarist and got his inspiration from the rock band Fall Out Boy. Nick has praised Fall Out Boy at several interviews as well.

Guitar Collections
Nick Jonas personally owns 12 guitars and ranges from Gibson and Fender in both acoustic and electric guitars.

He’s Very Devout
Nick Jonas is an extremely devout Christian and has created many songs praising the Lord.

His First Crush
In an old interview, Nick Jonas revealed that his first crush was Hollywood actress Jessica Alba.

Runs His Own NGO For Children
Nick Jonas runs his own NGO ‘Change For The Children Foundation’. The NGO partners with five different charities and their goal is to raise money for diabetes.

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