5 reasons to watch Akshay Kumar’s GOLD

Akshay Kumar and Mouni Roy’s much-anticipated film Gold’s official trailer has been released. Akshay Kumar is back as the patriotic hero. The movie trailer has just been released some time ago and so far it has seen by more than 10 million people across youtube. ‘Gold’ is a film based on the biopic of Arjun Award winner and former captain of the Indian hockey team Sandeep Singh. So let’s have a look at 5 reasons why you must watch this movie.

The film has many more features to enjoy, which include having the best star cast along with having a story that is inspired by some real incident making the country proud to get the Gold in Free India especially gaining the same in the British Land just after when they left India liberating the same. Well, there are many more reasons to catch this film called Gold, how about checking the same as under:
1). Akshay Kumar
The actor has been the modern day Manoj Kumar who has been sync with patriotism releasing on I Day and R Day igniting the spirit for the country. The films like Baby, Toilet Ek Prem Katha and Airlift and Gold has content with similar lines.
2). Based on True Incidents
The film is based on true incidences which deal with beating the country in its own land especially after getting the freedom from the colonial rule. It is all about winning Gold by a man who dies for it especially when he has bagged the same.
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3). Goes with the spirit of Independence Day
The B Town film celebrates the spirit of Independent India and thus raises the fire of patriotism in a real fashion. It can be a perfect watch in many ways.
4). Ensemble Cast
The film has some of the best star cast, which include top names like Vineet Kumar Singh who has won hearts of millions with his incredible performance at Mukkabaaz. Then you have Amit Sadh and Kunal Kapoor, while Mouni Roy the known TV actress too is seen in this film.
5). Reema Katgi’s unique storytelling
The other big reason is the unique storytelling of the lady director Reema . She is known to direct good and content rich movie with her own style and professionalism giving the M Town audience to catch something really interesting and worthy to catch.

2 thoughts on “5 reasons to watch Akshay Kumar’s GOLD

  1. I’m big fan of akki😊 agree with you it’s worth to watch this movie 👍 I totally enjoyed it😊
    Nice article buddy👍

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