Salaries of these Bollywood actors

“Bollywood” – The Indian Film Industry which is well-known across the world for creating its own genre. Bollywood has also became a theme for many event, parties etc. While the films perform well on the Box office, the characters leave a nice imprint on the audience. While there are a lot of parameters that evaluate the performance, style etc these artists are also ranked according to the fees they charge per film. Bollywood is mostly ruled by our handsome actors but there are some divas in our B- town who are carving their own benchmark in this category.

Here is the list of the actors and divas according to the fees they charge per film in 2017 –

1. Aamir Khan – 60Cr – 65Cr
Mr. Perfectionist of this industry works in only 1-2 films in a year, but is quite dedicated towards his work. Therefore he is quite expensive for certain directors and producers to afford. Moreover in his recent release Dangal he became a partner of 55% rather than charging a fee.

2. Salman Khan – 60 Cr
“Bhaijaan” is famous for all his signature moves in his films like Dabang, kick, Bodyguard etc. with millions of fan following and still continuing his bachelorhood, Salman is the second highest paid actor in B- Town. Apart from that he is also famous for his NGO- ‘Being Human’. For the movie Sultan, instead of charging fees, he did 50% partnership.

3. Shahrukh Khan 50Cr – 60 Cr.
The ‘King of Romance’ Shahrukh Khan is famous for his movie DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai etc…With almost 80 films, Shahrukh Khan still rules the heart of girls. Apart from fees he also keeps a share of profit.

4. Akshay Kumar 40Cr – 45Cr.
After the three Khans one of the most deserving and talented actors in this industry is Akshay Kumar. This man not only carved his own niche, but also enacted in the films that rekindles patriotic sentiments among the Indians. With his due release in January 2018, he will mark the commencement of new era.

5. Hrithik Roshan 40 Cr – 50Cr.
He is Michael Jackson of India and one of the most talented dancers among the actors. However he is quite specific about the scripts he works on. In his last release ‘Kabbil’, he charged a sum of 50Cr.

6. Ranbir Kapoor 30Cr – 32 Cr.
The talented hunk of the Kapoor family is carrying the legacy of his family in this industry. While he is considered the chocolate boy, girls go crazy for him. Ranbir Kapoor mostly picks Rom-coms for his films.

7. Ajay Devgan 25Cr – 30Cr.
The ‘Singham’ of this industry is quite diverse when it comes to his directors. He had done films in every category be it romantic or mysterious…Devgan has proved its mettle in every script. Let’s not forget that this actor is also quite particular about his scripts.

8. Amitabh Bachan 25Cr – 30Cr
He is the ‘Shenshah’ of this film industry. Big B is famous for every project he has done. From KBC to Piku, the extra- ordinary performance by him is quite appreciattable. However earlier he used to charge 15Cr – 20Cr.

9. Ranveer Singh 20Cr – 22 Cr
This actor became the part of this race in a very short period of his career. The actor is quite rough and tough, but is trying new roles in his every new film. He is climbing the ladder of success and grabbing every opportunity he could. In Bajirao Mastani, he charged 20Cr.

10. Shahid Kapoor 16Cr
This actor is famous for his dance moves and innocent cute smile. However from past recent years, he started opting for intense roles. He started his career with Ishq Vishk and his latest release is Padmavati which is in great controversy.

7 thoughts on “Salaries of these Bollywood actors

  1. How much do you think Amir khan made from Dangal? Considering that it collected around 2000 crores globally, and his 55% profit margin, he could be the highest paid artist in the whole world🤔

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  2. There is huge difference between gross profit and net profit .. and he shares 50% of the net profit.. talking about world , there is no comparison between bollywood and Hollywood.. they have global market to their movies.. far far bigger than bollywood’s movies.

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  3. According to the rule, the Chinese government gives only 25 percent of the box-office revenue to foreign studios which denote that studio UTV Disney will earn around Rs 275 crore and Aamir will get only a small percentage of it.

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