Bahubali- before the beginning, is it really happening?

The makers left the first part at such a stage where everyone was curious about ‘Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maara’ and to reveal it the filmmaker came up with the conclusion after a year and that’s the only reason everyone went to the theatres to end their curiosity finally. The film won the hearts of many and the actor Prabhas came into the limelight after working many years in the south industry. Now, he is the most wanted actor in the film industry.

Netflix will soon witness the original series of Baahubali’s prequel.It is based on a book of Anand Neelakantan- The Rise of Sivagami and will be shown in the first two season and one of them will be titled as Baahubali: Before the Beginning.

Netflix has released the trailer of the prequel. It’s nothing new as there are shots from the previous two movies. This time, filmmaker SS Rajamouli isn’t going to direct the series.

However, the show is being made with his consent and active participation in the film. As for direction, Deva Katta and Praveen Sataru are going to co-direct the series.




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