Fanney khan … Reviews are average

Fanney Khan is adapted from the Belgian film Everybody’s Famous, in which the father commits a major kidnapping in his desperation to see his daughter succeed.

If you’ve watched the trailer of Fanney Khan you already know who will be kidnapped. Prashant recruits his mild-mannered friend Adhir (Rajkummar Rao) to help him with the job, so he can demand a ransom that’ll fund Lata’s album.

Predictably things don’t go according to plan, but you’ll never guess how progressively implausible the film becomes. The ending, which involves a live reality show is especially idiotic.

One of the crucial problems with the film is that it focuses too much on Prashant, and not enough on his daughter. As a result you never really feel like you know her, or become fully invested in what she wants.

Why, for one, is Lata always so rude to her loving father? First-time director Atul Manjrekar, who has also co-written the screenplay, fails to answer these questions.

If Fanney Khan was conceived as a sweet tale fleshed out with well-drawn characters, it doesn’t impact because of its unsophisticated humour and corny dialogues. Another disappointment is its music with not a single hummable song.

The worst thing about this film is no connect between characters even as Kapoor tries hard to breathe life into his. Aishwarya looks self-conscious, awkward and even clueless about her role at times.




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